An Engagement Session at Noelridge Park

These two have a great love story! They met while she managed the local Kohl’s. They were doing a large store remodel that would last weeks and he was the contractor on the job. He was immediately impressed with her confident handshake and jokes that he fell in love with her right then and there.

He loved her smile + how she carried herself with such poise. During what could’ve been a stressful position at a chaotic time for the store, she always seemed so cool and collected. He loved to make her laugh. So when he asked her out he was glad she said ‘yes’. He then laughed and told me that he came to Iowa from Indiana for a construction job and just never really left. They quickly realized that their goals in life + love were similar.  She loves the way he makes her laugh, but always stays grounded in what really matters.

We started the session at the garden area of Noelridge Park (love this area when it’s in full bloom this time of year!) – Cedar Rapids. Awesome backgrounds and lighting for me to capture these two love birds!

noelridge-engagement5 noelridge-engagement6 noelridge-engagement7 noelridge-engagement8 noelridge-engagement9 noelridge-engagement10 noelridge-engagement11 noelridge-engagement12 noelridge-engagement13 noelridge-engagement14 noelridge-engagement noelridge-engagement1What a stunning engagement ring from our fave engagement ring store Siebke Hoyt Jewelers! A huge thank you to them for sending this adorable couple our way! noelridge-engagement2We ended the session at the nearby Kohl’s department store for just a couple quick photos in front of the place where it all began. noelridge-engagement3 noelridge-engagement4

I had so much much fun working with Nicole and Tim! We hope you love their photos as much as we do!


Cheers Robyn