How to Include Your Furry Friend in Engagement Photos (Giveaway Post!)

They greet you when you get home every day with so much love. They were there during those first few important moments of your relationship. Oftentimes, they even helped ask for your hand in marriage. So, why wouldn’t we want to include them in your engagement portrait session? And, no. We’re not talking about your fiancé.  We’re talking about Fido…Bella…Spot… B-I-N-G-O! We’re talking about bringing your dog to your photo session today!

First of all, we totally think you should. It’s one more level of making the session all your own and totally reflective of your relationship. You’re a family, after all.

When couples ask us if it’s possible or allowed, we always respond with a big ol’ YES!  Of course, it adds another layer of thought to your session, though. So, here are a few of our favorite sessions with puppies along with a few tips.

TIP 1: We’ll want to take photos with and without the pup.  So, consider bringing a third person to hang out with Duke while we capture your love. We prefer to spend about twenty minutes at the beginning of the session without the puppy to ensure that the two of you are comfortable and we get to know each other a bit better first.  Taking some ‘family portraits’ + some close-up canine snuggles comes a little later. So, the third person can hang out with the puppy elsewhere on the property for a bit at first or bring them a little later on. (Most couples don’t necessarily want another person hanging around as they’re snuggling in photos and extra commentary – no matter how friendly – can be distracting during a session. So, of course, be grateful to this friend/family member for helping manage Dolly, and then kindly remind them that it might also be weird for them to stand over your photographer’s shoulder the whole time. *wink Okay… that was tooootally my nice way of asking that they not stand over our shoulder during the session + just find somewhere else to hang out.)

TIP 2: Similar to the above… if you’re unable to find someone to help watch Buddy, don’t forget to bring a leash, a toy, and/or some food/water for him. It’s up to you whether you feel comfortable (weather-pending!!!) leaving him tied to a tree or with a window cracked at the car. But, again, Dude won’t be part of the entire session, so just plan ahead.


TIP 3: Don’t forget to have Max groomed a bit pre-session. After all, you’re planning your own outfits, makeup, hair, nails, and probably even getting your ring cleaned by your jeweler… doesn’t Daisy deserve a little primping too? Maybe a bath or a nail trim; a fancy collar or bandanna or flower crown (OMG – the cuteness!) to coordinate with your outfits… just don’t forget to primp the pup!

TIP 4: We especially love when couples think of extra details, like we referenced above… a flower crown for their pup to match mama’s bohemian look, a collar/bandanna/bow-tie to coordinate with the ‘look’ you’re going for, or a sign that the dog can hold to announce his humans’ future nuptials. Feel free to get a little creative with this!

TIP 5: If the above sounds great and all, but Cooper’s more of a home body… why not do the session at your home? We seriously ADORE when a couple gets cozy in their favorite slippers, pours a cup of coffee, and snuggles on the couch together. (Isn’t that what most of our relationships look like anyway?!) Add Lola the Labrador to the snuggles + hit next level cuteness! This also means that any other furry pets are probably going to get in on the fun, too. Your kitties, guinea pigs, whatever! (Bonus tip: This is extra cute during winter sessions when you don’t want to leave the house anyway. We’ll just come to you!)


Please let us know in advance if you plan to bring your pup, of course. We want to make sure we help you plan accordingly leading up to and have a great game plan for the session while we’re at your location. We’re so excited to meet ALL of you at your session!

P.S. GIVEAWAYYYYYY!!! (It’s my Oprah moment for the week.) How many dog names did we list in this post??? Comment here with how many you counted + then email us to schedule your session (or if your session is already scheduled). We’re sending the first three people to comment, book their engagement session, AND email us a random print credit amount. (You do not have to bring a dog to your session to qualify… especially if you do not have a dog.)

Cheers Robyn